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Milky Way

Table of Contents
The Purpose-Guided Universe
The God Theory
Is There Any Chance It Could Come About?
A Purpose-Guided Universe
Not Intelligent Design
Three Different Possibilities
CHAPTER 1. Science and Religion
An Infinite Number of Universes vs. One Great
Belief Systems
The Problem
String Theory
Having Faith
A Better Notion of God
Consciousness Creating Reality
CHAPTER 2:Quantum Reality
An Ideal Quantum Experiment
Waves and Particles
The Wavefunction
Schroedinger's Cat
Wheeler's Delayed Choice Experiment:
    If You Come to a Fork in the Road... Take It
CHAPTER 3: The Finely-Tuned Universe
A Universe Made for Life
The Force of Gravity to the Electric (Coulomb) Force
The Nuclear Force
The Density of Matter
The Dark Matter Ratio
The Even Bigger Mystery of Dark Energy
Quantum Clumps
The Chemistry of Life: Carbon and Oxygen
That Ordinary Extraordinary Liquid: Water
Which is Heavier? Neutron or Proton
What Happened to all the Anti-matter?
What to Make of This
CHAPTER 4: The Perennial Philosophy
The Perennial Philosophy
Requisite Conditions
Eddington and Einstein
Eddington and His Inner Light
The Universe Begins to Look More Like a Great
    Thought than Like a Great Machine
CHAPTER 5: Thou Art That
A Little Theology
Consciousness and Causes
Beginning of Time
Meister Eckhart
Finding God Within
The Mystical Experience: "I and the Father are One"
CHAPTER 6: The God Theory
God and Godhead
What Does this Mumbo-jumbo Mean?
A Mental Universe
The Question of Why
If We Are God, Why Don't We Know That?
Role of Evolution
Does Consciousness Evolve to an Omega Point?
CHAPTER 7: Staying Out of Heaven
The Standard Model of Life
Creation by Subraction
God as Timeless Absolute
Experiencing Timelessness
Mystical vs. Psychedelic
Can You Really Train for Enlightenment?
A World of Polarity
CHAPTER 8: Consciousness and Reality
The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
Superseding the Clockwork Universe
The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) Thought
Quantum Spin
Bell's Inequality
Locality, Realism and the Leggett Formula
CHAPTER 9: The Post-Physics Era
The End of the Physics Age
The Post-Physics Age
The Issue of Consciousness
CHAPTER 10: The Primacy of Consciousness
Are You Nothing But a Pack of Neurons?
Quantum Mechanics Requires Consciousness
Shifting Consciousness
A Three-way Battle of Beliefs
Reason for Hope
CHAPTER 11: Where Do Things Stand?
Multiverse or Creator?
Consciousness and Free Will
Can a Smart Person Believe in God?
A Purpose
TABLE: The Ten Critical Properties of the Universe