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Milky Way

Table of Contents
The God Theory
The Purpose-Guided Universe
CHAPTER 1. Personal Journey
From Archabbey to Astrophysics
Launching a Career
Age of Discovery
Return of the Astronomer-Priest
CHAPTER 2: Asking Fundamental Questions
The God Theory and Creation
The God Theory, Karma, and the Golden Rule
The God Theory and Reductionism
CHAPTER 3: Explaining Creation
Creation by Subtraction
The God Theory and Consciousness
CHAPTER 4: Reductionism and a Spiritual Worldview
Superstrings and the Supernatural
A Spiritual Worldview
No Need for Intelligent Design
CHAPTER 5: Explaining Consciousness
Three Views of Consciousness
Consciousness and Physiology
The Brain as Filter
The Primacy of Consciousness
Opposite Perspectives
"There Can Be No Evidence for Something That Is False"
The Random, Unconscious, "Just-Right" Universe
Inflation Theory
CHAPTER 6: The Zero-Point Field
The Casimir Force
Zeroing in on the Zero-Point Field
CHAPTER 7: Into the Void
Deriving Newton's Postulate
Inertial Reaction
Defending the Theory
A Boost from NASA
CHAPTER 8: Following the Light
The Light of Creation
The Big Bang
CHAPTER 9: God and the Theory of Everything
A God Beyond Matter
The Manifest God
Asking God
Creation As a Timeless Process
Atomic Stability and the Universal Timekeeper
CHAPTER 10: An Infinite Number of Universes
A Universe of Consciousness
Many Worlds and Quantum Mechanics
CHAPTER 11: A Purposeful Universe
Exoteric and Esoteric Knowledge
The God Theory, Christianity, and Humanism
Final Thoughts
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